2019 Thirsty Thursday

Please note that thirsty thursday is the 4th thursday of the month….Also please keep an eye on the list because it is subject to change due to places closing down unexpectedly or without us knowing. We will always have an event created on facebook for the current month.

Thirsty Thursdays
1/24 New Heights
2/28 Harding House
3/28 Smith & Lentz
4/25 Honky Tonk
5/23 Jackalope (The Ranch) –  (We will also be holding our BSC at this event due to our May meeting day being the Big Brew Day)
6/27 Little Harpeth
7/25 East Nashville Beer Works
8/22 Black Abbey
9/26 Blackstone
10/24 TN Brew Works
11/28 (thanksgiving) Flying Saucer
12/26 (post christmas) TBA

2019 Brew Style Challenge / Competition

This is the 2019 Brew Style Challenge, with a twist.  We want to have a lot of fun this year with the style challenge and we’re going to make this into a little comp and mini comps along the way.  Please read the rules below, and at the very bottom is a list of this years styles. (IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS PLEASE EITHER COMMENT BELOW OR EMAIL JOSEPH NANCE AT mrhowdymr@yahoo.com)

Brew Style Challenge Contest
*This contest is open to individual brewers only, Including Club Officers (see judging below)
*Contest beer can be brewed with a friend, but only one person will be awarded points for the entry.
*The beer has to be brewed on a homebrew system.
*The beer has to be judged at the time the others are judged.

The entries will be judged for crowed favorites, in a blind tasting. We are limiting the judges to a total of 15 so that participants will only have to bring 1 growler. Active club members will get preference, and then if all the judging spots aren’t taken up we will allow non club members.

*The style of the month – judges will be given a small sample of each entry, the crowd will then rank each entry based on the most well executed version to the least, and not solely to style. The beer must a true attempt to brew the style of the month.
Example: A Porter will not be accepted in the comp when we have a German Pilsner as the monthly style.
*Clone challenge months – entrants will be required to bring the exact commercial example of the beer they are brewing as well as their homebrewed version. Any style beer is accepted, just as long as you bring the commercial example you attempted. The judges will then get a sample of both the commercial and homebrew examples and will rank the beers on a point scale as to how close the brewer got. The point scale will be explained the day of the judging.

Point Structure:
Each month no matter the challenge
1st = 4
2nd = 3
3rd = 2
all others = 1

Point Calculation:
Points will be added up in multiple ways. We will have a monthly winner, we will have a quarterly drawing where all the points you have earned in that quarter will get you 1 ticket for each point in a drawing and this will be done 3 times in 2019, and finally the total points for the year will earn you the grand prize, TBD but it will be worth it….

*Monthly = Recognition on facebook, the club website, the brew score newsletter, bragging rights… And points towards the following.
*quarterly = we will draw from a bucket and each point you have for that quarter gives you that many tickets in the drawing. The winner will get 1 pound of a popular hop. Drawings are planned for the April, August & December.
*Grand Prize = person with the most points collected throughout the year. Prize TBD, but it will be worth it….

Brew Style Challenge Monthly List
1/12 None
2/9 BOH (Beer On Hand)
3/9 English Brown
4/13 German Pilsner
5/11 Vienna Lager
6/8 Cream Ale
7/13 Clone Beer (Brew a Clone & Bring it’s commercial version as well. You pick the style.)
8/10 Saison
9/14 Fruit Beer
10/12 Festbier
11/9 Schwartzbier
12/14 RIS
1/11 Clone Beer (Brew a Clone & Bring it’s commercial version as well. You pick the style.)
2/8 Doppelbock
3/14 American Amber

Learn to Homebrew Day 2018

Joseph Nance's photo.


Ryan Reynolds
729 Drummond Drive
Nashville, TN 37211

We will be starting to heat the water and crush the grain at 9am, so please be there around 8:30am if you plan to participate in the brewing of this beer.

First of all I would like to encourage you music city brewers to bring someone that has shown a interest in beer and would like to come learn while enjoying some local homebrew.

This is a free event for you and your friends!!!!

We will be going over what it takes to make great beer from grain to glass. During this time we will be brewing a batch, and we would like those that are new to brewing to be able to take some home and ferment it. If you are new please stop by All Seasons and pick up at least a 1 gallon glass fermenter, they are $5. Please contact me Joseph Nance, 615-504-8375, and we will work out the details on what is expected from you so you can take some home. They system were are brewing on, its new to me, but it’s a 30 gallon system.

Please bring something to snack on. I will be making a crockpot pulled chicken dish and buns for everyone to eat.  This will be like pulled pork sandwiches, but made with chicken.

BSC June 2018 Gose

The Brew Style Challenge for June 2018 will be a Gose. It can be found in the 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines: 27 Historical Beer, Sub Category 27gose

Recipe Source: (process and recipe by Michael Wasyliw)

History: Minor style associated with Leipzig but originating in the Middle Ages in the town of Goslar on the Gose River. Documented to have been in Leipzig by 1740. Leipzig was said to have 80 Gose houses in 1900. Production declined significantly after WWII, and ceased entirely in 1966. Modern production was revived in the 1980s, but the beer is not widely available.

OG 1.036-1.056, FG 1.006-1.010, IBU 5-12, SRM 4, ABV 4.2-4.8%

GRAIN: 50% Bohemian Wheat 50% Bohemian Pilsner (Shooting for an OG of 1.035)

EXTRACT:  (No Mash required)

HOPS: none in the beginning, if you need to add them you usually add them AFTER souring when you boil or during whirlpool. East Kent Goldings or Perle for 4-10 ibus. (Feel free to play around and try different hops) Lately I’ve been whirlpooling Huell Melon or Hallertau for 25mins (not traditional)

ADJUNCT: .5oz of Salt and 1oz Ground Coriander. (Added at the end of the boil, see below)

YEAST: WLP001, WLP644 (Sacc Trois), Wyeast 1007, Wyeast 2565, or White Labs German Ale/Kolsch yeast.

PROCESS: Mash at 148 for 90 minutes. After 90 minutes, runoff and sparge until desired boil volume is achieved. Bring the wort to a quick boil, then chill to 92-95 degrees F and pitch your choice of a lactobacillus strain (typically Lacto. Plantarum). I like to use Bootleg Biology’s Sour Weapon and Mango Goodbelly together in a volume ratio of 2:1. I like to kettle sour so I transfer the wort to a keg where I can purge the oxygen and maintain the souring temp for 2-3 days. Any vessel can be used to sour the wort, the main concern is limiting the amount of oxygen so flush with CO2. After 2-3 days, boil wort for 30-60mins to kill the bacteria, add salt and coriander at 10mins, hops if desired. Chill to fermentation temperature and pitch a big healthy starter of yeast. I have used WLP001, WLP644 (Sacc Trois), Wyeast 1007, Wyeast 2565, and White Labs German Ale/Kolsch yeast. After about two weeks, you should reach a stable FG and be ready to package.


April 14, 2018 Club Meeting on Pat’s Houseboat

At this event we will be holding our normal monthly club meeting on Pat’s Houseboat. We will be covering 10A Hefeweizen for the monthly Brew Style Challenge. I would like to encourage you to brew a batch and bring it with you, but if you can’t then you are more than welcome to bring a Classic example or bring a homebrew other than that and we can share them after we cover our monthly style.


phone:  616-473-3038 – Pat

Location:  Shipwreck Cover @ Elm HIll Marina, 3361 Bell Rd, Nashville, Tn 37214

I would also like to ask you to bring some kind of snack, because we are making this a short of pot luck. Pat is going to provide paper plate, utensils and such.

Pat also let me know that he hopes to have the pontoon boat to transport people to and from the houseboat. He is also wanting to take the houseboat out on the lake this year.

When you arrive to the marina you will need to park in the gravel parking lot. The Houseboat is located on Dock C.

BSC April 2018 Weissbier/Hefeweizen

The Brew Style Challenge for April 2018 will be a Weissbier aka Hefeweizen. It can be found in the 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines: 10 German Wheat Beer, Sub 10A Weissbier

I have always referred to the Weissbier as a Hefeweizen, so for the remainder of the post I’ll continue to do that. The Hefeweizen is a German Wheat beer that when made correctly has a soft creamy texture along with a nice mix of banana and clove phenols.  The key to making a great Hefeweizen is using good quality malt along with a lot of healthy yeast, oxygen and the fermentation temp.  If you had to choose one part to skimp on I would suggest the quality of the malt.  They yeast and the temp you ferment this beer at is the most important part of making a good example.  I have also experienced bubble gum flavors caused by the yeast.  Oh and this yeast will get a little wild on you, meaning it will really create a big Krausen, so leave plenty of room in your fermentor.

(From Jamil Zainasheff and John J. Palmer’s book Brewing Classic Styles) The following is assuming a 70% efficiency with 6 gallons left at the end of the boil and 5.5 gallons going into the fermenter.

OG 1.050, FG 1.012, IBU 13, SRM 5, ABV 5%

GRAIN: 5.6# continental Pilsner Malt and 5.6# Wheat Malt.  Mash at 152F. Increase the pre-boil volume as needed to allow for a 90 minute boil, which will help reduce DMS in the beer.

EXTRACTt: 8.6# Wheat LME (No Mash required)

HOPS: 0.8oz Hallertau 4%AA for 60 mins giving you around 13 IBUs (Feel free to play around and try different hops)

YEAST: White Labs WLP300 Hefeweizen Ale, Wyeast 3068 Weihenstephan Weizen,I think there is a dry yeast out there, but I can’t recall the name or number.

Fermenting colder at around 62F will give you more of a mix of Banana and Clove, 68F should give you more Banana and less clove, 72F+ will give you more Banana and Bubble Gum.  Don’t trust my work on the temps, I would suggest checking out what other people say, but this has been my experience when using Wyeast 3068.

2018 Thirsty Thursday Schedule

Date               Location

25-Jan New Heights Brewing
22-Feb Smith & Lentz
22-Mar Blackstone
26-Apr Yazoo
24-May Southern Grist
28-Jun Fat Bottoms
26-Jul East Nashville Beer Works
23-Aug Black Abbey
27-Sep Jackalope
25-Oct Tennessee Beer Works
15-Nov Little Harpeth (I have moved this one up one week because of Thanksgiving)
27-Dec Bearded Iris

March 10th, 2018 Meeting Bootleg Biology

Important news about the March Club Meeting

Bootleg Biology’s Jeff Mello has offered up his lab for our March 10th meeting.  Not only has he done this, but he has gone even farther by coming up with the idea of having a club brewing contest at the meeting.  Jeff has volunteered to give out 15 packages of yeast to those that want to enter the contest. There is no entry fee, but you will be required to be an active club member who is current on their dues, you must brew the beer, ferment with the provided yeast and bring 1 full growler of your beer to the meeting on Saturday March 10th. When you go pick up the yeast from Jeff, he will give you a sheet that he’s asking you to fill out with the basic info about your beer and fermentation process. Your yeast packet “MUST BE PICKED UP BY THE WEEK OF FEBRUARY 5TH”, to ensure the freshest yeast possible and that you have enough time to brew your beer. The info sheet will help give Jeff additional data to work with on this yeast. The yeast that he is specifically propagating up for us is a blend of Sacc strains designed to be used in IPAs/NEIPAs/or anything with a heavy focus on fruitiness. He didn’t say if the yeast itself added fruity character or if it boosted what the hops put out. You will not be limited as to what style you make.  Even though he suggested using it for IPAs, you could be as creative as you want, we just ask that you only use this yeast to ferment it.

Since we want this to be fun, you all will be the judges.  That’s right, you will get a chance to taste all the entries (which is the reason we need a full growler from each entrant) and rate your top 5 favorite.  In the judging process we will supply club members with a small sample of each beer.  The cups will be labeled A-O, so you will not know who’s beer is who’s.  We do not want this to be super formal so we are throwing the BJCP guidelines out the window for this one.  Once everyone’s sheets are in we will count up who had the most votes, and that person will be the winner.  The winner will be able to select their prize from a selection of items provided by Jeff, things such as Bootleg Biology gear, Hops, and more Yeast.

In order to enter I need you to message me on facebook (Joseph Nance or Ultra-Junkie) or email me at Mrhowdymr@yahoo.com, and provided you are up to date on your dues for the 2018 year, I will reserve you a spot and your free yeast packet. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.  If you do contact me by email, please put “MCB Bootleg Comp” in the subject line.


Thank you and good luck,

Joseph Nance

BSC Feb 2018 Kolsch

The Brew Style Challenge for Feb 2018 will be a Kolsch. It can be found in the 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines: 5 Pale Bitter European Lager, Sub Category 5B Kolsch

Kolsch is a Hybrid beer typically fermented with Ale yeast, and “can” be lagered but isn’t required to be.  This is a beer that many people should be able to make this time of year with no extra equipment really needed.  You can ferment them in the ale temp range, as well as temps down in the mid 50s.  I have only made one so far, and it fermented in the low to mid 60s.  Depending on the yeast and what temp you ferment it, you could get more of less fruity esters.  The starter I just made fermented at 67F and it had a lovely fruity aroma, but not super dominate.  Below you will find a recipe and suggested yeast strains to try. Please remember that this is just a suggested recipe based on the guidelines and feel free to play around and alter it as you’d like.

(From Jamil Zainasheff and John J. Palmer’s book Brewing Classic Styles) The following is assuming a 70% efficiency with 6 gallons left at the end of the boil and 5.5 gallons going into the fermenter.

OG 1.048, FG 1.009, IBU 25, SRM 4, ABV 5.1%

GRAIN: 10.3# German Pilsner malt, 0.5# Vienna malt   (Mash at 149F for at least 60 mins but you might lengthen your mash time to 90 mins due to the lower mash temp. You should consider boiling for 90 mins to help drive off any DMS from the Pilsner malt, and you’d need to take that into consideration as you calculate for boil off.)

EXTRACTt: 8# Pilsner LME, 0.25# Munich LME   (No Mash required)

HOPS: 1.5oz Hallertau 4%AA for 60 mins giving you around 24 IBUs (Feel free to play around and try different hops)

YEAST: White Labs WLP029 German Ale/Kolsch (which I’ve used and it turned out great), Wyeast 2565 Kolsch, or Fermentis Safale US-05 (which will give you a clean character but will not give you all the Kolsch characters that you might want). Whatever yeast you use make sure you check out the suggested fermentation temps and try to stay within them.





Membership Sign Up & Renewal 2018

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen.

This coming year, 2018, I have some pretty interesting plans and challenges for each of us. We will be having a monthly Brew Style Challenge were we will be brewing and discussing a specific BJCP style as well as the ingredients used, Jeff Mello has schedule a club meeting at Bootleg Biology to help us learn more about yeast and bacteria, the Big Brew Day will be a great time again this year, we have a Learn to Brew day scheduled with some fun stuff for new brewers to take home and experiment with, the annual club contest might be taking on a new twist as well as bringing back the club crawl, I’m looking at getting us a few spots at Brew Festivals around Nashville to showcase our clubs beers, and the annual club Christmas Party will be a blast. Also don’t forget that we have Thirsty Thursdays, and they will be held at a different brewery around town every month.  No homebrew is allowed at the Thirsty Thursdays unless otherwise communicated.

Club memberships sign up and renewals for 2018 are fast approaching, and at a small $25 per person or $37 per couple its supper affordable.  Come Join in on the fun, fellowship and learning we will have this year.