2019 Brew Style Challenge / Competition

This is the 2019 Brew Style Challenge, with a twist.  We want to have a lot of fun this year with the style challenge and we’re going to make this into a little comp and mini comps along the way.  Please read the rules below, and at the very bottom is a list of this years styles. (IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS PLEASE EITHER COMMENT BELOW OR EMAIL JOSEPH NANCE AT mrhowdymr@yahoo.com)

Brew Style Challenge Contest
*This contest is open to individual brewers only, Including Club Officers (see judging below)
*Contest beer can be brewed with a friend, but only one person will be awarded points for the entry.
*The beer has to be brewed on a homebrew system.
*The beer has to be judged at the time the others are judged.

The entries will be judged for crowed favorites, in a blind tasting. We are limiting the judges to a total of 15 so that participants will only have to bring 1 growler. Active club members will get preference, and then if all the judging spots aren’t taken up we will allow non club members.

*The style of the month – judges will be given a small sample of each entry, the crowd will then rank each entry based on the most well executed version to the least, and not solely to style. The beer must a true attempt to brew the style of the month.
Example: A Porter will not be accepted in the comp when we have a German Pilsner as the monthly style.
*Clone challenge months – entrants will be required to bring the exact commercial example of the beer they are brewing as well as their homebrewed version. Any style beer is accepted, just as long as you bring the commercial example you attempted. The judges will then get a sample of both the commercial and homebrew examples and will rank the beers on a point scale as to how close the brewer got. The point scale will be explained the day of the judging.

Point Structure:
Each month no matter the challenge
1st = 4
2nd = 3
3rd = 2
all others = 1

Point Calculation:
Points will be added up in multiple ways. We will have a monthly winner, we will have a quarterly drawing where all the points you have earned in that quarter will get you 1 ticket for each point in a drawing and this will be done 3 times in 2019, and finally the total points for the year will earn you the grand prize, TBD but it will be worth it….

*Monthly = Recognition on facebook, the club website, the brew score newsletter, bragging rights… And points towards the following.
*quarterly = we will draw from a bucket and each point you have for that quarter gives you that many tickets in the drawing. The winner will get 1 pound of a popular hop. Drawings are planned for the April, August & December.
*Grand Prize = person with the most points collected throughout the year. Prize TBD, but it will be worth it….

Brew Style Challenge Monthly List
1/12 None
2/9 BOH (Beer On Hand)
3/9 English Brown
4/13 German Pilsner
5/11 Vienna Lager
6/8 Cream Ale
7/13 Clone Beer (Brew a Clone & Bring it’s commercial version as well. You pick the style.)
8/10 Saison
9/14 Fruit Beer
10/12 Festbier
11/9 Schwartzbier
12/14 RIS
1/11 Clone Beer (Brew a Clone & Bring it’s commercial version as well. You pick the style.)
2/8 Doppelbock
3/14 American Amber