August 2013 Meeting

We are all set with a location we haven’t been to in a while. Blackstone Brewery and Restaurant on West End. Saturday August 17th, 2pmĀ start time, because that works best for them. We will likely have a nice big area to congregate in on the back left of the bar area.

This meeting will be like all the others, however, I want everyone to start thinking about the quickly approaching MCBO in November. I want volunteers to head up committees for the comp and we need suggestions on how to make this comp better than it has ever been. I received a suggestion from Tom Gentry at last month’s meeting that we do something besides a medal (or a plaque) for the 1st place winner and BOS. Music City themed belt buckle for BOS? MCBO Logo’d steins or mugs or glassware for 1st place winners? Just something different to make our competition stand out! Button up work shirts with a design on the back for the MCBO and 1st place? Get to thinking, as this comp is gonna be on us before we know it and we need to make a decision and get to ordering stuff.


(posted on behalf of DaPrez – John M.)

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I've been brewing since about 2005, starting with extract and eventually moving to all-grain and kegging. I was president of the club in 2010, and also won the Bosco's Pro-am that year, which gave me the opportunity to brew my recipe on their 7 barrel system and have it served at the restaurant. This also gave me passes to the GABF for 2010. I love brewing any and all styles, dark, pale, ale, lager, hoppy, malty, but have not delved into sours (yet).