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Big Brew Day 2021 Q&A

AHA Big Brew for National Homebrew Day
Sponsored by the Music City Brewers Homebrew Club
Saturday, May 1, 2021 from 10am – 3pm
Czann’s Brewing Company 4909 Indiana Avenue

About Big Brew and Big Brew Day with us

In 1988, May 7 was announced before Congress as National Homebrew Day. The American Homebrewers Association created Big Brew as an annual event to celebrate National Homebrew Day around the world.

Members of the Music City Brewers homebrew club will be gathering at Czann’s Brewing Company for Big Brew Day to brew with (hot) wort graciously prepared by Ken, the owner, and brewmaster.  You will need to purchase your own additions (like hops, other grain, yeast, etc) for the boil portion to brew your style of beer.

If you are not yet a homebrewer but interested in learning that is no problem. You are welcome to drop by see how it’s done for free!  Members (current and new) will get some special food and beverage benefits whether they decide to get wort or just come to support the event.

Members should signup using the form on the Facebook page to reserve up to 10 gallons of wort.  Becoming a new member is currently $12 (normally $25 per year).  The deadline to reserve your wort is April 23rd.  Then gather up your equipment, some hops and yeast, and whatever else you need to finish your recipe and come join the fun.

The wort will be comprised of roughly 90% pale malt (Franco-Belges), 5% Crystal 30, and 5% Flaked Barley. OG ~ 1.050.  We will set up brewing stations in the parking lot starting at about 10am.  If you plan to brew onsite with us please bring your own equipment.

Equipment: Minimum of a kettle, propane burner, propane, hops, yeast and chiller if you plan to brew on-site. Include some garden hose to hook up to your own chiller (immersion or counterflow) if you plan to use some chilling water that will be coming from the brewhouse.  A tent may also be required if it is raining.