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2019 Big Brew Day, May 4th @ Czann’s Brewing Company

We will be at it again at Czann’s Brewing Company. Ken has agreed to provide wort for us this year. We will have around 250 gallons available, so all you need is a way to boil, chill and a fermenter. A light lunch and water will be provided as well as one around of beers for each club member. You do not have to be a club member to come join us, but you do have to be current with your dues to receive wort. Please message me with any questions. I’ll have a list of all current members soon

Email me (Joseph Nance with your request to reserve wort.  Again you must be a dues paying member in good standing to have it reserved.

The recipe, roughly, 90% 2 row, 5% Flaked Barley, and 5% C40.