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BSC June 2018 Gose

The Brew Style Challenge for June 2018 will be a Gose. It can be found in the 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines: 27 Historical Beer, Sub Category 27gose

Recipe Source: (process and recipe by Michael Wasyliw)

History: Minor style associated with Leipzig but originating in the Middle Ages in the town of Goslar on the Gose River. Documented to have been in Leipzig by 1740. Leipzig was said to have 80 Gose houses in 1900. Production declined significantly after WWII, and ceased entirely in 1966. Modern production was revived in the 1980s, but the beer is not widely available.

OG 1.036-1.056, FG 1.006-1.010, IBU 5-12, SRM 4, ABV 4.2-4.8%

GRAIN: 50% Bohemian Wheat 50% Bohemian Pilsner (Shooting for an OG of 1.035)

EXTRACT:  (No Mash required)

HOPS: none in the beginning, if you need to add them you usually add them AFTER souring when you boil or during whirlpool. East Kent Goldings or Perle for 4-10 ibus. (Feel free to play around and try different hops) Lately I’ve been whirlpooling Huell Melon or Hallertau for 25mins (not traditional)

ADJUNCT: .5oz of Salt and 1oz Ground Coriander. (Added at the end of the boil, see below)

YEAST: WLP001, WLP644 (Sacc Trois), Wyeast 1007, Wyeast 2565, or White Labs German Ale/Kolsch yeast.

PROCESS: Mash at 148 for 90 minutes. After 90 minutes, runoff and sparge until desired boil volume is achieved. Bring the wort to a quick boil, then chill to 92-95 degrees F and pitch your choice of a lactobacillus strain (typically Lacto. Plantarum). I like to use Bootleg Biology’s Sour Weapon and Mango Goodbelly together in a volume ratio of 2:1. I like to kettle sour so I transfer the wort to a keg where I can purge the oxygen and maintain the souring temp for 2-3 days. Any vessel can be used to sour the wort, the main concern is limiting the amount of oxygen so flush with CO2. After 2-3 days, boil wort for 30-60mins to kill the bacteria, add salt and coriander at 10mins, hops if desired. Chill to fermentation temperature and pitch a big healthy starter of yeast. I have used WLP001, WLP644 (Sacc Trois), Wyeast 1007, Wyeast 2565, and White Labs German Ale/Kolsch yeast. After about two weeks, you should reach a stable FG and be ready to package.