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BSC Feb 2018 Kolsch

The Brew Style Challenge for Feb 2018 will be a Kolsch. It can be found in the 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines: 5 Pale Bitter European Lager, Sub Category 5B Kolsch

Kolsch is a Hybrid beer typically fermented with Ale yeast, and “can” be lagered but isn’t required to be.  This is a beer that many people should be able to make this time of year with no extra equipment really needed.  You can ferment them in the ale temp range, as well as temps down in the mid 50s.  I have only made one so far, and it fermented in the low to mid 60s.  Depending on the yeast and what temp you ferment it, you could get more of less fruity esters.  The starter I just made fermented at 67F and it had a lovely fruity aroma, but not super dominate.  Below you will find a recipe and suggested yeast strains to try. Please remember that this is just a suggested recipe based on the guidelines and feel free to play around and alter it as you’d like.

(From Jamil Zainasheff and John J. Palmer’s book Brewing Classic Styles) The following is assuming a 70% efficiency with 6 gallons left at the end of the boil and 5.5 gallons going into the fermenter.

OG 1.048, FG 1.009, IBU 25, SRM 4, ABV 5.1%

GRAIN: 10.3# German Pilsner malt, 0.5# Vienna malt   (Mash at 149F for at least 60 mins but you might lengthen your mash time to 90 mins due to the lower mash temp. You should consider boiling for 90 mins to help drive off any DMS from the Pilsner malt, and you’d need to take that into consideration as you calculate for boil off.)

EXTRACTt: 8# Pilsner LME, 0.25# Munich LME   (No Mash required)

HOPS: 1.5oz Hallertau 4%AA for 60 mins giving you around 24 IBUs (Feel free to play around and try different hops)

YEAST: White Labs WLP029 German Ale/Kolsch (which I’ve used and it turned out great), Wyeast 2565 Kolsch, or Fermentis Safale US-05 (which will give you a clean character but will not give you all the Kolsch characters that you might want). Whatever yeast you use make sure you check out the suggested fermentation temps and try to stay within them.





Membership Sign Up & Renewal 2018

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen.

This coming year, 2018, I have some pretty interesting plans and challenges for each of us. We will be having a monthly Brew Style Challenge were we will be brewing and discussing a specific BJCP style as well as the ingredients used, Jeff Mello has schedule a club meeting at Bootleg Biology to help us learn more about yeast and bacteria, the Big Brew Day will be a great time again this year, we have a Learn to Brew day scheduled with some fun stuff for new brewers to take home and experiment with, the annual club contest might be taking on a new twist as well as bringing back the club crawl, I’m looking at getting us a few spots at Brew Festivals around Nashville to showcase our clubs beers, and the annual club Christmas Party will be a blast. Also don’t forget that we have Thirsty Thursdays, and they will be held at a different brewery around town every month.  No homebrew is allowed at the Thirsty Thursdays unless otherwise communicated.

Club memberships sign up and renewals for 2018 are fast approaching, and at a small $25 per person or $37 per couple its supper affordable.  Come Join in on the fun, fellowship and learning we will have this year.

Brew Style Challenge

The Brew Style Challenge will be a monthly part of our club meetings (except on special months planned in advance) where we will have a specific BJCP Style selected and we will challenge you to brew it and bring it to the meeting.  There will be a recipe supplied in both All Grain and Extract format for each of you to attempt. This is to help us all better understand each style one at a time, the ingredients used to make them and the contributions they add to the overall beer, how to judge your own beer based on the guidelines, and to just get us out of our comfort zone by trying to make different styles. We also understand that not everyone wants to be restricted to a specific set of guidelines, so feel free to alter the recipe, add fruit or other adjuncts as you wish.  The Club president for 2018, Joseph Nance, will be brewing each of the recipes and bringing them to the appropriate meeting so you can pick them apart for discussion.  I challenge you all to bring your version to the meetings as well…