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April Meeting – Stouts and Swaps

Michael L Shew has graciously opened his home up to our monthly meeting! It will be the 1st Saturday in April (5th) due to some scheduling conflicts. He wants it to be a Stout theme! He will have numerous taps available to drink on during the meeting and he would like you to bring your favorite stout (whether its yours or commercial).

Our host may also have a brew day that will start earlier that morning (weather permitting). He has a RIMS system that is really interesting to see in action so if you want to observe a new way to brew an all grain batch this is the time!

In addition, he wants to have a Swap and Shop (homebrew yard sale) prior to the meeting. So starting around noon, if you have any brewing equipment that has been sitting around that you want to get rid of, bring it by and see if you can find someone to take it off your hands. One man’s useless sparge arm is another man’s Fly Sparge savior! and so on and so forth!

I also wanted to add that we might be having a judging session for the remaining NHC categories that are left after the actual competition. So keep your eyes open!

Come on out and join us! It will be a great time! Weather should be perfect!

Saturday, April 5th, 2014 @2pm

634 A Freedom Place, Nashville, TN 37209


Michaels number in case you get lost.