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March 10th, 2018 Meeting Bootleg Biology

Important news about the March Club Meeting

Bootleg Biology’s Jeff Mello has offered up his lab for our March 10th meeting.  Not only has he done this, but he has gone even farther by coming up with the idea of having a club brewing contest at the meeting.  Jeff has volunteered to give out 15 packages of yeast to those that want to enter the contest. There is no entry fee, but you will be required to be an active club member who is current on their dues, you must brew the beer, ferment with the provided yeast and bring 1 full growler of your beer to the meeting on Saturday March 10th. When you go pick up the yeast from Jeff, he will give you a sheet that he’s asking you to fill out with the basic info about your beer and fermentation process. Your yeast packet “MUST BE PICKED UP BY THE WEEK OF FEBRUARY 5TH”, to ensure the freshest yeast possible and that you have enough time to brew your beer. The info sheet will help give Jeff additional data to work with on this yeast. The yeast that he is specifically propagating up for us is a blend of Sacc strains designed to be used in IPAs/NEIPAs/or anything with a heavy focus on fruitiness. He didn’t say if the yeast itself added fruity character or if it boosted what the hops put out. You will not be limited as to what style you make.  Even though he suggested using it for IPAs, you could be as creative as you want, we just ask that you only use this yeast to ferment it.

Since we want this to be fun, you all will be the judges.  That’s right, you will get a chance to taste all the entries (which is the reason we need a full growler from each entrant) and rate your top 5 favorite.  In the judging process we will supply club members with a small sample of each beer.  The cups will be labeled A-O, so you will not know who’s beer is who’s.  We do not want this to be super formal so we are throwing the BJCP guidelines out the window for this one.  Once everyone’s sheets are in we will count up who had the most votes, and that person will be the winner.  The winner will be able to select their prize from a selection of items provided by Jeff, things such as Bootleg Biology gear, Hops, and more Yeast.

In order to enter I need you to message me on facebook (Joseph Nance or Ultra-Junkie) or email me at, and provided you are up to date on your dues for the 2018 year, I will reserve you a spot and your free yeast packet. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.  If you do contact me by email, please put “MCB Bootleg Comp” in the subject line.


Thank you and good luck,

Joseph Nance

June Meeting – 6 / 16

Hey all!
June’s monthly meeting will be held at Tennessee Brew Works. If you have never been there, it is a beautiful facility and they have a great outdoor deck for events. Details from the email I exchanged with Tennessee Brew works:
The meeting will start promptly at noon.  Tennessee Brew works will open early for us so we can share our home-brews and have our typically meeting.
“What we propose is to schedule a private event for you on June 14 starting around 12 and lasting until 2. This would allow the members to bring their home-brews for an exchange/tasting and a social. We can arrange for a brewery tour as well! After we open the taproom at two, the outside beer would have to be removed due to our license. MCB would be free to continue your meeting and enjoy the atmosphere on our deck and taproom.”So this meeting will start promptly at noon and we will get into the tastings quickly. At 2 pm, once the taproom officially opens, we will have to put the homebrew away. We will definitely get a Brewery Tour, as they have a really interesting and unique system.See you all there!


May Meeting – Bosco’s Brew Off!

AHA Big Brew is a celebration of National Homebrew Day (May 3). Each year homebrewers around the world invite family and friends to their brewing site on the first Saturday in May to celebrate the holiday. Everyone is encouraged to help out with the brew, enjoy the fun and join in on a world-wide toast at noon CDT.
Learn more about AHA Big Brew.

This year’s Big Brew beers are Pale Ale, Imperial Stout and Schwarzbier…recipes in the link below…

We meet behind Bosco’s (on 21st ave) and we have the 2nd row of spots blocked off for us. You can bring a canopy (a bunch of members do this) and bring your setup and brew. Wort Reservations have gone out through email to all club members, but don’t let that stop you. If you want to come out and you don’t have any wort reserved or didn’t get in on the reservation, just bring your setup and brew with us! It is one of the best times we have all year as a club!

If you want to reserve wort and are a member in good standing please e-mail Karen Lassiter @

When: Saturday, May 3rd, starting at 8 am.

Where: Bosco’s Brewery: 1805 21st Ave S (Hillsboro Village)



This Saturday will be Big Brew Day @ Boscos and I need to let everyone

know who is planning on coming that the parking situation at Boscos will be

very tight. When the construction company demolished the old structure and

then started work on the new building next door that eliminated a good portion

of parking spaces for the merchants in our area. We also share the parking lot

behind our building with Sam’s so they are entitled to parking privileges there

as well. For those coming to set up and brew, please plan on coming early to

claim a spot because we only get that first section of parking spaces for

our event.


If you are planning on coming to hang out, please park on the street or in

the lot next to the Belcourt. There is free street parking directly in front of

Boscos and those spaces fill up fast. The restaurant opens at 11:00 so if

you get there before then you’ll have a better probability of finding a space.

Also, the Bank of America on Belcourt is pretty tolerant of people parking

there since they are only open 9 – 1:00 on Saturday. And double up on

driving there! That will help with the parking situation as well.


Thanks everyone! Looking forward to Saturday! The weather is looking

good as well so we should have a good time!


Karen Lassiter

Head Brewer

Boscos Nashville Brewing Company

1805 21st Ave South

Nashville, TN 37212


615-385-0170 fax

April Meeting – Stouts and Swaps

Michael L Shew has graciously opened his home up to our monthly meeting! It will be the 1st Saturday in April (5th) due to some scheduling conflicts. He wants it to be a Stout theme! He will have numerous taps available to drink on during the meeting and he would like you to bring your favorite stout (whether its yours or commercial).

Our host may also have a brew day that will start earlier that morning (weather permitting). He has a RIMS system that is really interesting to see in action so if you want to observe a new way to brew an all grain batch this is the time!

In addition, he wants to have a Swap and Shop (homebrew yard sale) prior to the meeting. So starting around noon, if you have any brewing equipment that has been sitting around that you want to get rid of, bring it by and see if you can find someone to take it off your hands. One man’s useless sparge arm is another man’s Fly Sparge savior! and so on and so forth!

I also wanted to add that we might be having a judging session for the remaining NHC categories that are left after the actual competition. So keep your eyes open!

Come on out and join us! It will be a great time! Weather should be perfect!

Saturday, April 5th, 2014 @2pm

634 A Freedom Place, Nashville, TN 37209


Michaels number in case you get lost.


March Meeting – 3/8

Chris Allen has offered to host again at his awesome home brewery! There will likely be a brew day scheduled to start early that morning and all who come are welcome to show up and watch/help and clean tri clamp fittings…lol. There is a fairly good sized patio/driveway area that we utilized last meeting for others to brew, so that will be open to those who want to set up equipment and brew as well (weather permitting).

When: Saturday March 8th, 2:00 pm.

Where: 1600 A 6th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37208

February Meeting

Boscos Nashville will be hosting the February meeting of the Music City Brewers. We have reserved the area behind the bar. Same rules as always, but no kegs can be brought to this meeting. Bottles and growlers are allowed but no kegs.

Thanks to Karen Lassiter for hooking us up with this space. It will be a throw back to the old days.

When: February 8, 2014 at 2:00

Where: Boscoe’s Nashville, Hillsboro Village, 1805 21st Ave S.


January Meeting – 1/11

Kevin Jones has volunteered to host at his place! And if you have not attended a meeting at his home, you should not miss this one! Kevin’s entire basement area is dedicated to his Brewery/Bar/Man Cave/Cool storage. Do not miss this event.

There is not a brew day planned at this point (mostly because when that happens Kevin isnt able to mingle with the group). So you can come out and enjoy the space, his beer and drink with friends.

So far we are not expecting to do a brew day at his home.  Please follow our facebook page for updates.
When: Saturday, January 11th, 2:00

Where: 1727 Wrencrest Dr. Mt. Juliet, TN 37122

MCBO 2013 Winners

Here are the winners of the 2013 Music City Brew Off.

Category 1: Light Lager
1st – Mark Quering – Barley Mob
2nd – Jared Whalen – Northern Kentucky Homebrewers
3rd – Chris Arnt – Barley Mob

Category 2: Pilsner
1st – Marc Powell – Brewmasters of Alpharetta
2nd – Brad Lumley – Barley Mob
3rd – Brad Lumley – Barley Mob

Category 3: European Amber Lager
1st – Drew Neely – Barley Mob
2nd – Chris Allen – Music City Brewers
3rd – Trey Benson – MOBS

Category 4: Dark Lager
1st – James Kent – MOBS
2nd – Phil Snyder – Music City Brewers
3rd – Chris Arnt – Barley Mob

Category 5: Bock
1st – Mark Quering – Barley Mob
2nd – Geno Daniels – Music City Brewers
3rd – Brad Lumley – Barley Mob

Category 6: Light Hybrid Beer
1st – Dave Dixon – Northern KY Homebrewers
2nd – Rob Harris – Barley Mob
3rd – Evan Rouse – Northern KY Homebrewers

Category 7: Amber Hybrid Beer
1st – Chris Molseed – Hill City Homebrewers Club
2nd – Adam Steele – Bluff City Brewers
3rd – Eric Tonkin – Yeast Nasties

Category 8: English Pale Ale
1st – Dave Dixon – Northern KY Homebrewers Club
2nd – Drew Neely – Barley Mob
3rd – Jeremy Bastoky – Mid State

Category 9: Scottish and Irish Ale
1st – James Visger – Clarksville Carboys
2nd – Craig Pinkerton – Hoover, Alabama
3rd – Geno Daniels – Music City Brewers

Category 10: American Ale
1st – Danielle Dean – Mid State
2nd – Joe Pozak – Northern KY Homebrewers
3rd – Drew Neely – Barley Mob

Category 11: English Brown Ale
1st – Dave Dixon – Northern KY Homebrewers
2nd – Robert Miller – Brewmasters of Alpharetta
3rd – Robert Miller – Brewmasters of Alpharetta

Category 12: Porter
1st – Robert Milller – Brewmasters of Alpharetta
2nd – Evan Rouse – Northern KY Homebrewers
3rd – Robert Miller – Brewmasters of Alpharetta

Category 13: Stout
1st – Jeff Bergman – Music City Brewers
2nd – Marc Powell – Brewmasters of Alpharetta
3rd – Chris Molseed – Hill City Homebrewers in VA

Category 14: India Pale Ale
1st – James Kent – MOBS
2nd – Josanna Dixon – Northern KY Homebrewers
3rd – Marc Powell – Brewmasters of Alpharetta

Category 15: German Wheat and Rye Beer
1st – Brad Lumley – Barley Mob
2nd – Marc Powell – Brewmasters of Alpharetta
3rd – Mark Forrester – Music City Brewers

Category 16: Belgian and French Ale
1st – Ryan Carrick – Music City Brewers
2nd – Michael Roszkowski – Northern KY Homebrewers
3rd – Ryan Carrick – Music City Brewers

Category 17: Sour Ale
1st – Michael Semich – Mid State
2nd – Michael Semich – Mid State
3rd – Brad Lumley – Barley Mob

Category 18: Belgian Strong Ale
1st – Mark Forrester – Music City Brewers
2nd – Mark Forrester – Music City Brewers
3rd – Chris Molseed – Hill City Homebrew Club of VA

Category 19: Strong Ale
1st – Marc Powell – Brewmasters of Alpharetta
2nd – Art Whitaker – Mid State
3rd – Dave Dixon – Northern KY Homebrewers

Category 20: Fruit Beer
1st – Dave Dixon – Northern KY Homebrewers
2nd – Marc Powell – Brewmasters of Alpharetta
3rd – Philip Vacca – Mid State

Category 21: Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer
1st – Jeff Hardesty – STL Hops
2nd – Matt Warren – Barley Mob
3rd – Matt Warise – Mid State

Category 22: Smoke-Flavored/Wood-Aged Beer
1st – Jeremy Taylor – Mid State
2nd – Marc Powell – Brewmasters of Alpharetta
3rd – Jim Berryhill – MOBS

Category 23: Specialty Beer
1st – Josiah Christensen – Mid State
2nd – Matt Warren – Barley Mob
3rd – Marc Powell – Brewmasters of Alpharetta

Category 24-26 – Traditional Mead/Melomel/Other Mead
1st – Jason Farley – Mid State
2nd – Jason Farley – Mid State
3rd – Marc Powell – Brewmasters of Alpharetta

Category 27-28 – Standard Cider and Perry/Specialty Cider and Perry
1st – Jason Farley – Mid State
2nd – Evan Rouse – Northern KY Homebrewers
3rd – Phil Snyder – Music City Brewers

Best Of Show
1st – Dave Dixon – Category 8 – English Pale Ale – Northern KY Homebrewers
2nd – Michael Semich – Category 17 – Sour Ale – Mid State
3rd – Danielle Dean – Category 10 – American Ale – Mid State

October Meeting – 10/5

The MCB makes a return to the World Famous (or Infamous) BUNKER!

Hop God has graciously opened his place up for the October meeting. At the moment there is a tentative brew day scheduled (we will provide more details as we get closer to the meeting), and weather permitting there is room for a few people to bring there setups and brew as well (First come, first brewed). In addition, he has offered to fire up the smoker and do some wings and other stuff, weather permitting also! So this will be another event where you can bring sides that work with smoked food!

You do not want to miss this meeting!

When: Saturday, October 5th – 3:00

Where: 2707 Druid Drive, Nashville, TN 37210

September Meeting – 9/14

Come join us in White House, TN for our fantastic September meeting at Philsner’s house.  Our meeting officially starts at 3 pm but we will be homebrewing before that. Get there early enough to finish up by 3. We will be doing our usual news and sampling but Philsner will fire up the grill so we can all eat.  Bring some food if you can!

When: September 14th – brewing starts AM, meeting at 3

Where: 7775 Covington Road, White House, TN 37188

See you there!